Our Church at Prayer…

Inviting you to think about our own church community, the wider church, the world!

Sunday 10th March

This week we pray for North Belconnen Congregation- for the weekly activities, for the young families’ group, the play group, Teenage Uniting Fellowship, Bible Studies; Craft, walking, movie and dinner groups; North Belconnen Day Centre in their support of senior members of the community; and the Melba Shed.

This week we pray for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. We pray those who are affluent that they will contribute to making the world and their societies more just for all.

Sunday 24th Feb

This week we pray and give thanks for those involved in University Chaplaincy and student ministry. We recognise the large number of overseas students at ANU and the University of Canberra. Away from home and the support base of their family we give thanks for the pastoral care that helps look after them and welcomes them in to a Christian family.

This week we pray for Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands, for how churches here have overcome barriers and reached out to assure a good life for all.

Sunday 17th Feb

This week we pray for the Marchant family, for Jess, Charlie, Sally as they await the birth of their new family member, may they know God’s peace and love in this exciting time. We also pray for everyone who is expecting birth, the families, the children, the doctors, the midwives, the surgeons and for the nurses involved.

We pray for Sumira and Ethan as they travel overseas to spend some time with family, may their time away be a blessing and may they be kept safe. We look forward to hearing their stories when they return.

This week we pray for Barnabas Ministries.