Lent 2019 – Who Do You Say I Am?

Lent is often a time where people give something up in order to find time to spend with God, it’s also a time where people often give up chocolate, coffee or buying clothes in order to save money for charity / church. The Upper Room has a great introduction to Lent for people who would like to know more about the season.

This season I’ll be providing a reflection every day via our website, the GUC email list and Facebook on the theme of “Who do you say I am.” Reflections will use music, video, quotes, art and prayers to help you explore who you think Jesus is.

I’ve also asked a number of people at GUC to write their own reflection, these will be a part of our weekly cycle too.  If you would like to add your own reflection to the collection please let me (Darren) know.

Ash Wednesday 2019

The words of imposition from tonight’s Ash Wednesday service.

From dust we come
And dust we are
And to dust we shall return
You are not in charge
God is in control
Glory be to God