A New Life on the Other Side

The parting of the Red Sea
and crossing over to the other side
became THE sign of victory for the enslaved Hebrews.
It marked the beginning of a new life
of freedom as a pilgrim people.
The event was worthy of exuberant celebration
and its significance never to be forgotten.

But so often the Israelites did forget.
They often suffered from historical amnesia!
Then psalmist and prophet would recall the exodus story
to enliven hope again, particularly in times of tragedy and trouble.
All praise be to God who acts to save his enslaved children!

The bursting from the tomb
of God’s anointed One was also a sign of victory.
It signalled a crossing over from all that conspires
to stifle and oppress human existence to a new life of freedom.
Love cannot be conquered!
Thus the empty cross becomes a cause for joyous celebration
for in its victory we all may share.
Dare we let amnesia overtake us?
Let us retell the story of a God who in Christ Jesus
reconciles the world to its creative source
– and do it with exuberance!

Jonathan Barker