Conversation on Gender Diversity

Conversation on Gender Diversity, Faith & Marriage Equality

The Uniting Church is noted for its diversity and its desire to be inclusive. While we welcome people from many linguistic and cultural backgrounds, we also affirm those of diverse sexual orientations. However it is recognised that people may have questions regarding sexuality and would like to be better informed as citizens and Christians. The postal survey on same sex marriage highlights that there are many differing opinions not only in the community at large but also within the wider Christian community.

TODAY-24th September from 3pm to 4.30pm we are providing an opportunity for information, respectful sharing and conversation. We shall be assisted by Delia Quigley and Megan Jackson who are members of the Rainbow Christian Alliance which is an initiative of the Tuggeranong Uniting Church.
Our minister, Rev Jonathan Barker will chair the event.

It is to be stressed that the primary purpose is not to debate but to listen, be informed and seek understanding.