Prayer Points – 15 May 2011

For our GUC Community:

  • We pray for the Presbytery as it meets at GUC next Saturday.
  • We pray for our Spring Getaway team organising a weekend away later in the year.
  • We pray for the conversations between northside Ministers about youth work.
  • We pray for the Paint and Play group and its leaders as we begin to work with Northside Community Services
  • We give thanks for new opportunities unfolding in our church life.

For Presbytery & the wider church: Mirinjani Village
Pray for:

  • Our various facility managers and for new staff and for Presbytery volunteers to join the team at Mirinjani.
  • The health and well being of residents and staff as we enter the challenging winter season.
  • The ministry of the Pastoral Care team – Alec Stevenson, Sharon Jacobs, Helen Palmer (volunteer) and Neil Millar (chaplain)

For our World: Malawi and Zambia
Pray for:

  • The democratic governments in Malawi and Zambia, that they may work for the welfare and development of the nation, irrespective of party affiliation.
  • Those suffering from AIDS, and government efforts to combat the AIDS pandemic.
  • A sufficient supply of medical personnel, equipment and drugs in government hospitals and health centres.
  • Victims of floods and drought, that food production may again flourish.
  • The increasing numbers of school drop-outs, street youth and delinquents, that they may find hope and meaning in their lives.
  • Those affected by inflation and unemployment, that they may find work and be able to feed their families.