Mutual Support

We believe that, as a Christian community, we should try to care for each other. Our minister, often the first person you meet, is willing to be there for you. While we are in transition between ministers you can speak with people you know and trust in the congregation and also talk with Heather Lamb on Sundays or contact at any time on

Many of us find help and mutual support as we join a regular small group. In a group, we get to know each other and can help and encourage one another when we need it.

When you are new to a district and new to a church it can be hard to get to know people and to feel at home. One way we try to help you to begin to feel at home is to invite newcomers to share meals. Sometimes these are at the church with a bigger group, or in a private home, or at a local restaurant or café. Eating together is a good way to make new friends!

  • If you would like to join a group, see the front page of the bulletin and there is more information in the “Welcome Booklet” available from the church office.
  • If you need support in a difficult time, contact our minister who can, if you like, invite others to support you.
  • If you would like more information about our activities, small groups or an invitation to meet others in someone’s home, contact our Church Life Coordinator (Community and Care) Heather Lamb at church or by email on