Nicodemus Comes to Jesus

Starting from today we will hear, over the coming weeks, from the Gospel of John, some of the most wonderful accounts from the life of Jesus. Today the passage is about a Jewish man named Nicodemus coming to Jesus at night. Next week is the account of Jesus talking to the woman at the well. The week after is the long detailed account of Jesus healing the blind man. And finally the week before Palm Sunday is the passage about the death of Lazarus.

In all these passage it is easy for us to say “we’ve heard this one before”, and not open ourselves to what God is saying to us anew. It is easy for us to read them and not consider how powerful both the actions of Jesus were, and the message he gave. It is easy for us see these accounts as being from the life of Jesus in a distant past, and struggle to see how they are relevant for the present. So each time I give the message over the coming weeks, and as we hear these wonderful passages, I’ll be asking us the personal question: “where are you in this account from the life of Christ?”
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Bulletin – 06 Mar 2011

Church Choir
Now that we have a permanent building and piano, I would like to form a more permanent choir, which would sing for some services during the year. The first performance will be on Palm Sunday. If you are interested in being in the choir, we will be practising on the 1st and 3rd Thursday night of each month from 8:00pm to 9:30pm.

The first practice will be on the 3rd of March. Please talk to Rob Tanton (6242 9450) if you are interested in joining, and if you have any ideas for music to sing.
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Prayer Points – 06 Mar 2011

For our GUC Community:

  • We pray for our Boy’s Brigade and it’s leaders including Bruce Morris, Bruce Warren and Keith McCrorie.
  • We pray for our play group coordinator Cassandra Nokham and our helping ‘Grandparents’.
  • We give thanks for the community groups who use our facilities with joy.
  • We give thanks for the many helpers and workers in our congregation.
  • We give thanks for this place in which we celebrate Easter this year.

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Seeking the Kingdom of God

I have heard in recent weeks, both in Queensland after the floods and cyclone, and also in New Zealand after the earth quake, one or other leader suggest to people that they might like to leave the affected area, and go to stay with friends or family. It wouldn’t be an easy thing to do and at first it would be part of the emergency, part of the loss, but after a while it would be hard going I imagine, even with the best of family or friends to go to. It’s interesting to wonder where you would go if you had to. To which family? To which friends? How would you feel eating their food, having them offer beds for you to sleep in, living in their space, even asking them if you could borrow a jumper or shirt. Continue reading “Seeking the Kingdom of God”

Bulletin – 12 Dec 2010

Advent and Christmas @ Gungahlin Uniting
Today is the third Sunday in the season of Advent; that time in the life of the church when we ponder the ‘waiting time’ before we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Oasis group will lead us for part of worship on 12th.

This year we will have combined community carols and BBQ with the Salvation Army and Holy Spirit Catholic Church on Sunday 19th. December, starting at 6.30pm, in the paddock outside the Gungahlin Uniting Church and Community Centre.

Christmas Eve worship will be here at 9.30 pm
Christmas Day worship will be at 9.30 am

All friends, family, strangers, young and old are welcome!
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