And the people stood by, watching…

I like to think that our world is so much more civilized today, than it was back in the first century, in the days when Jesus was born, lived and died. After all we have gone to the moon, we can operate on a person without pain, we can send a letter from one side of the world to another in a few seconds, we can heat and eat a full meal that came in a cardboard box and which took no preparation; frozen one minute, steaming the next.  It may taste like the box, but you can still eat it, and it’s amazing… just how many people do eat them. Continue reading “And the people stood by, watching…”

Success and Failure

When I left Wagga to come to Gungahlin I was given a number of books, one of which is a collection of poems written by Dietrich Bonheoffer; the German Lutheran pastor and theologian. During the Second World War Bonhoffer was arrested in Germany in 1943 and spent two years in jail awaiting his execution; he was hanged just before the end of the war in 1945. During this time he did a great deal of writing and I’m going to read one of his poems written during his imprisonment. Continue reading “Success and Failure”