Bulletin – 22 May 2011

To everyone who helped with the Presbytery meeting here last Saturday – cleaning, organising, setting up, cooking, serving! To everyone who helped with the working B – shovelling, raking, laying pavers, organising! It was a big day, but a great example of community work and support.

No power at GUCCC this Friday
Please be aware… This coming Friday 27th. there will be no power at the GUCCC from 8.30am to 4pm as ActewAGL carry out work further down the street.
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Prayer Points – 22 May 2011

For our GUC Community:

  • We pray for Noeleen Jeffrey whose sister died last weekend and whose son is ill.
  • We pray for people who are facing uncertainty in life, health, and their future.
  • We pray for our church as it ponders its own life and the way we are being led as a Christian Community
  • We pray for our Church Council as it meets this Thursday; for our chairperson Matt, secretary Jenelle, and Treasurer Narelle.
  • We give thanks for the road ahead.

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Bulletin – 15 May 2011

Billabong – Today
Billabong for high school youth meets today from 2-4 for games. The older youth will be involved in a simulation game that will give some thought to difficult choices in a complex world. If you would like to bring some biscuits for afternoon tea then please feel free to do so. See you there!

With Love to the World…
With Love to the World is available in the foyer for $4. This is a devotional guide published by the Uniting Church and has a short passage, thought and prayer for each day of the week, using the readings that we use each Sunday in worship. If you would like a copy, please just take one and put your $4 in the box.
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Prayer Points – 15 May 2011

For our GUC Community:

  • We pray for the Presbytery as it meets at GUC next Saturday.
  • We pray for our Spring Getaway team organising a weekend away later in the year.
  • We pray for the conversations between northside Ministers about youth work.
  • We pray for the Paint and Play group and its leaders as we begin to work with Northside Community Services
  • We give thanks for new opportunities unfolding in our church life.

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