Bulletin – 10 Apr 2011

Morning Tea Today
Marion and Jim would like you all to join them for a special morning tea after church today, 10th April. The purpose of this is to celebrate Marion’s 70th birthday.

Someone to sew a calico ‘bag’ to fit over the ‘builder’s sign’ at the front of the church so that Easter worship can be advertised. Please see Mark if you have:
(a) calico,
(b) a sewing machine, and
(c) time!
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Bulletin – 27 Mar 2011

Vitality of Call review for Rev Mark Faulkner
After being in settlement for four years, every Minister has a “vitality of call” review to reflect on the life of the congregation, the placement of the Minister, and generally how things are going. It is an opportunity for reflection, growth and change.

This review for Rev Mark is to be held at the end of this month. As part of this review, Rev Mark chooses one person to be on the team, the Church Council chooses two people and the Presbytery has appointed two people to lead it; Rev Colin Bradford and Amelia Peisley, a member of St James’ congregation. Mark has asked Chris Dodd and the Church Council have asked Rob Tanton and Helen Lehman. As part of this anyone in the congregation who would like to make confidential comment to Rev. Colin Bradford is invited to do so.  He can be emailed on: revcolin@hotkey.net.au

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Prayer Points – 27 Mar 2011

For our GUC Community:

  • We pray for Natalie Yule, Vanessa and Paul, as Natalie goes for surgery on 6th. April
  • We pray for Noel Southam as he regains strength after his surgery
  • We pray for Mark, Elizabeth and Matthew as they travel to Hong Kong
  • We pray for our youth who are new to year 11 – Scott Drohan, Rose-Mary Faulkner, Daniel Grudnoff, Michael Lamb
  • We pray for the Simos family, Jodie, Paul, William and Amy, who have been an encouraging family in the life of our church as they move off to Melbourne in the coming weeks.

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