Monday – Lent 34 – I Still Pray by Kasey Chambers

Today’s Jesus track is by the artists Kasey Chambers and Paul Kelly, it’s a song that reflects on Jesus as a baby, perhaps as we’ve travelled through Lent you’ve forgotten that only a few months ago we gathered and celebrated his birth…

I still cry for Baby Jesus

And I still pray when I’m alone

And when I’m lost

He’ll come to find me

Because he died to save my soul

When I can’t walk he’s there to carry

When I speak he hears my words

When I wake and I have nothing

He sends me gold, frankincense and myrrh

When I cry my tears of sorrow

When my heart will only ache

And if I’m troubled when I’m sleeping

He will hold me until I wake


How does this image affect you, or speak to you as we enter Holy Week?